Stainless Steel Earth Straps

Stainless Steel Earth Straps

Stainless Steel Earth straps are made to order at our Liverpool factory using 316 grade stainless steel braid and 316 grade stainless steel tube.

The size of bolt hole can range from M4 to M24 and you can have any length you need. We can also apply sheathing and product markers to meet your requirements.

Typical applications for stainless steel earth straps include earthing equipment in corrosive environments and connecting sacrificial anodes to sub sea structures.

These are made to order items. We aim to manufacture and ship within one week.

Our standard sizes are:

Nominal area
Ohm / metre
Bolt hole
size mm
100.07414M4 to M10SS10-L-AB
160.04620M4 to M12SS16-L-AB
200.03720M4 to M12SS20-L-AB
250.02925M4 to M12SS25-L-AB
350.02130M4 to M16SS35(30)-L-AB
500.01545M4 to M24SS50(45)-L-AB
700.01030M4 to M20SS70-L-AB
950.00840M4 to M24SS95-L-AB

Please contact us with details of your requirements if you require alternative sizes and quantities.