Norsok M503 Earth Bonds

Norsok M503 Earth Bonds

Hybrid stainless steel / copper bonds use copper braid with stainless steel end fittings. This is an effective compromise between the strong corrosion resistance of the stainless steel and the good electrical conductivity of copper.

In the picture is a tin coated copper braid that has been silver soldered into specially made stainless steel lugs. The silver solder acts as an electrolytic protection for the copper.

Earth bonds compliant with Norwegian petroleum industry NORSOK standard M-503 and Transport Canada TP 127E – Ships Electrical Standards section 4.4comprises a stainless steel shoe brazed or soldered to a 16 sq mm cable. The cable can be either single or double insulated. We have the equipment and expertise to manufacture these to your requirements and we are an approved supplier of these bonds to Baker Hughes
and Akers.

  • 16 mm2, double PVC insulated, multi-stranded (approx. 120 strands) copper cable.
  • Cable shoes made from AISI 316L stainless steel M6 to M40.
  • Copper cable silver soldered to stainless steel shoes.
  • Length of cable to be specified by client in each case.
A300957-05Earth Strap 3mm2, M6x150mm
A300957-07Earth Strap Kit
A300957-08Copper Braid
A300957-10Earth Strap Kit
A300957-21Norsok M-503 M12x150mm
A300957-22Norsok M-503 M12x356mm
A300957-25Norsok M-503 M12x165mm
A300957-26Norsok M-503 M8x258mm
A300957-27Norsok M-503 M8x152mm
A300957-33Norsok M-503 M6x1220mm
A300957-38Norsok M-503 M6x610mm
A300957-40Norsok M-503 M8x304mm
A300957-42Norsok M-503 M6x100mm
A300957-43Norsok M-503 M6x150mm
A300957-44Norsok M-503 M6x200mm

Please contact us with details of your requirements or if you require alternative sizes and quantities.